Get your morning cup of coffee and get ready to think big for the day. This summer, 2015, C.M.Maniet is expanding. New services offered, tent display revamped and a new addition to the Pencil Smudge team. Very excited for my plans to take action. I have learned that intelligent business growth happens through strategy and not the spending of money. A business owner can often let the public dictate what the next move will be. Pet portraits are a huge interest of my clients. However, I’m also receiving quite a number of requests for people portraits. Offering goods or services that are already incorporated within your business is a smart way to branch out. The key to successes is not always inventing some grandiose new and original idea. Most times being successful is obtained through simply being brilliant with the basics.


Freelance Tip of the Week:

Being brilliant with the basics is a strategy commonly heard in restaurant training. Be knowledgeable about your products and services. Good presentation transforms ordinary to extraordinary.

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