Letting your path unfold means…

1. letting go of any predetermined notions you might have about how life is “supposed” to be.

2. no thinking just doing.

3. doing what you want when you want to.

1. Letting go of any predetermined notions you might have about how life is “supposed” to be.

Your taught to believe success a result of getting hired by a big named organization that pays you well and gives you a fancy tittle. If the path to getting all of that, is one that brings you day to day happiness and fulfillment, great! For me, this would mean day to day choirs and monotonous tasks. Despite the norm, what does success mean to you? We are all perpetually chasing one goal after another. It is how we feel chasing these goals that matter, not the actual gaining it that does. Make sure whatever your chasing results in an enjoyable day to day experience.

2. No thinking just doing.

If you try to plan too much ahead of time, it is very easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of thoughts that get you nowhere. I spent many years trying to create art in a way that would make me most money and be the most admired. Instead, I did what I was most skilled at and loved doing. I didn’t care if the art I created would make me money or one day end up in some museum. When your excited about what you do, it becomes contagious and others are excited by it as well. I spent too much time analyzing and recreating work thinking this way. Finally, at the end of my rope, I made a website and posted art that I loved creating. People then told me what they liked and didn’t like. I began to perfect what I was doing based on what they wanted to see more of. You can not guess what people will respond to. The only way to do business is to be in business. Try shutting down you mind so that your gut takes over. The most original and most beautiful of work is created by your heart and not your head. Perfect as you go, instead of ahead of time.

3. Doing what you want when you want to

Letting your path unfold does not mean figuring out and accomplishing steps one, two and three. It means doing what you want when you want to. The only way to get anything done and accomplished well, is to do what you want and not what you have to do. It is also the only way to maintain the longevity of your career as an artist. The best results come when you are excited and a have a spark of motivation to do any certain task. It’s called passion…pass it on.

Doing what you want? Not feeling to pressure to conform to society? Not thinking about the outcome of the future? This is nonsense. Sounds like all fun and games? Well, it is. Hard work can be fun if your doing something that interests you. A freelancer must be a hard worker and have the right frame of mind. Always remember, the only way to become something is to do something.

Freelance tip of the week:

Thinking ahead is great when thinking about protecting yourself, your art and your future. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by creating a team of advisors to worry about it for you. An accountant, financial and business advisor can help. And most consultations and knowledge they can share with you is free.

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