All types of artists possess a special ability of capturing an individual’s attention. Though presenting a beautifully crafted, or sometimes horrific piece of art, a person’s focus is immediately obtained. When your given power such as that, it is very important to say something important. The usual response by most people, when a child presents a piece of artwork is the customary ooh and ha. When an adult presents artwork, the most common response is… What was your motivation in creating that art? After presenting one of my Pencil Smudged Pet Portraits to a potential client, I am usually asked how have I fallen into this as a career? This is the perfect opportunity to state my mission.

A writer must draw on personal life experiences in order to write. A visual artist who wants to create meaningful art, must do the same. Until you are ready to reflect on your life and what has happened to you or to others, then will you have something to share. When your art elicits a conversation, a connection is made and thus your work remembered. This strategy will dramatically increase interest and the spread of your freelance business. As an artist, learn how to talk about your work. And just like your craft, speaking about your artwork takes practice, practice, and more practice.

Freelance tip of the week:

Research trademark, copyright and patent. This is crucial and relieves the most common fears that prolong an artists attempt to “get out there”. Copyrighting/registering your work is not as difficult or expensive as you might of thought!

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