As explained in the previous post, having a mission is important when thinking about your career as an artist. Not sure where to begin? Start with answering the question of what makes you the most happy. Too broad? Narrow it down by asking yourself what you are most thankful for. My pet portrait business is run by myself and a team of little, cute, furry friends. No, I’m not taking about a team of adorable, cartoon, minions. I’m talking about my adopted pets, Chloe, Cleo and Jake. I am so grateful for their presence in my life and the awareness I’ve discovered about animal companionship.

I want to created art…

because I’m good at it. ✘

because it’s fun. ✘

because it’s why I went to school. ✘

because I need to make money. ✘

because I want to share with people, that parenting your own rescue animal saves a life, and inspires a new and enriched life for yourself. ✔

because I want to share knowledge to other aspiring artists, of the common triumphs and struggles associated with a freelancer’s lifestyle.✔

Eureka! I have created an niche for my art making. I now have an audience, the motivation to keep going and a set of goals to be a basis for my business.

Do not base your mission on what makes you the most money. If your heart does not follow in your artistic mission, you’ll eventually lose interest and stop. Share a message that expresses your own personal beliefs. Your financial success is gained by various business strategies and persistence. Believe me, somewhere in this huge world, your fan base is out there waiting for you. Find them!!!

Freelance tip of the week:

Social media is free, user friendly and a useful tool for seeking out people to support your cause.

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