Get out from behind your art desk and take your studio on the go. Art festivals are a great way to meet potential clients. Despite an online following, most of my clients are primarily people that I have met. People who are interested in art, tend to be just as interested in the artist who creates the art. Everyone wants to meet the wizard behind the curtain. This opportunity is one to tell your story, your mission, or whatever. There are no popular reality shows or tv channels that are centered around the topic of fine art or surprisingly enough…digital art. You can watch competitive reality shows and television networks that share the inside scoop of the lives and careers of chefs and musicians. Rarely does the public have an opportunity to learn what being a fine artist is all about. I see this underutilized artistic realm of information an great opportunity to stand out. People are naturally curious about things they are not familiar with. Let them in on your secrets behind the magic. Even an artist looking at another artists work will say…how did you do that? They want to know about your materials, process, inspirations.

Freelance Tip Of The Week:

Don’t quit your “real” day job. Everyone you encounter at your workplace, at the grocery store, or in the waiting room are opportunities to share your knowledge and spark interest about your work and your causes. Incorporating your passion into every aspect of your life, will spin any negative into a positive.

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